Project New Ground

At Project New Ground it is our firm belief that often the key factor to crime and bad decisions in impoverished communities are lack of jobs, education and hope. The directors at project New Ground recognize that lack of employment and training is probably about 80% of what is needed to redirect lives. The other 20% is a combination of lack of education and training support services. We aim to teaching men how to be ‘fishermen’. If you teach a man to fish you teach him how to provide for he and his family for a lifetime. So in addition to job and educational support, we open our doors for those that need to work on their personal selves. We offer mentorship along with just a listening ear.

This year we are proud to announce our S.O.S *Save our Sons* initiative with a network of professionals and counselors who dedicated their time and their funds towards making a difference in the lives of someone less fortunate than themselves.