About Bishop Foster

Bishop Foster acknowledged God’s call on his life to full-time ministry while pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Administration.

He began his mission with a prayer meeting at YWCA, located on 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. In November 1982, Bishop Foster was ordained as the Pastor of Bible Faith Tabernacle. While pastoring at YWCA, he reached out to the Red Hook community by organizing weekly street meetings and providing transportation for people to attend Sunday school services. As a result of this outreach the membership grew and many lives were transformed.

Bishop Foster relocated to 1178 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY. At this location, nicknamed Vietnam (because of the drug epidemic in the area), Bishop Foster joined forces with other ministries to clean up the neighborhood from its drug infestation. In addition, Bishop Foster provided monthly food services for the Bedford Stuyvesant Men’s Shelter, the needy and the homeless of the community. With the Gavin Cato incident in Crown Heights, Bishop Foster organized a prayer vigil for the Cato family and he promoted peace between the Blacks and the Jews.

Due to Bishop Foster’s efforts in these two events he was televised on ABC 7 Eyewitness News. Bishop Foster was also featured on the 700 Club Show aired on ABC 7 Eyewitness News in which a member’s testimony of her life was transformed through his teaching of the word of God.

Dr. Gregory A. Foster

After much sacrifice and prayer, the Lord blessed Bishop Foster with an abandoned building located on 1368 St. John’s Place, where he constructed a now 1.5 million dollar edifice, which is the current location of Bible Faith Tabernacle. Annually, the church sponsors a Community Day that serves the Crown Heights area through, singing, fun rides, prizes, witnessing, teaching and feeding the community. Other services offered to the community are computer classes, GED educational program, job referrals and videography.

In October 1997, Bishop Foster extended himself to the community even more, and joined with the 77th Precinct Council and Community Board #8. He was elected to serve as Co-chair to the National Night Out Against Crime, and was instrumental in uniting the 77th Precinct with the Crown Heights Community. Bishop Fosters involvement in the National Night Out Against Crime bought about peace to an otherwise violent and drug plagued environment and his success in this area earned him citations and accolades from the following political figures: Former President William Jefferson Clinton, Congressman Major Owens, Former N.Y.C. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Council Member Tracy Boyland, Former Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden, Assembly Member Clarence Norman Jr., State Senator Velmanette Montgomery and former senator Eric Adams who now serves as Brooklyn Borough President. Because of his relationship with God, ministerial experience and ability to make the right decisions in community crises, Bishop Dr. Foster held the position of Clergy Liaison for the 77th Precinct for a few years and is now a Chaplain under the Latino Federation of New Jersey.

The ministry of Bible Faith Tabernacle continues to grow under the expert leadership and direction of Bishop Gregory Foster. His vision to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reach lost souls is the driving force of Bible Faith Tabernacle ministries. Moreover through the church’s daily prayer line, souls are saved in the New York and New area and throughout various states and foreign missions.