Brother & Sister Keepers

Brothers and sisters keeper is designed to get the attention of our younger generation and to build a bond of honest friendship under the direction of the word of God that will not be compromised or broken.

Monthly meetings are held to discuss and share on issues that are relevant to the group. New topic are introduced and discussed to keep everyone abreast of what’s happening in our world. Various activities and programs are held during the year so no one feels deprived of living a normal and grounded life, yet with Godly principles. Activities and programs include luncheons, game night and youth and young adults in ministry.

In this world of great immorality and temptation, we are here to guide our younger generation not to yield to contrariness because God is the center of their lives. Also, to focus on being productive human beings in their neighborhoods, communities and in the world; therefore reaching for high achievements whether in the field of education, sports or entertainment, etc. With God centeredness, there is no limitation to ones achievements.