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Women’s Ministry


Mission Statement

It’s imperative that women know that we are to be supportive of each other and that there is trustworthiness across the board. We are to set examples along the way that even as children growing up, we can see characteristics in women as being role models. Our interest is to work to reach women from near and far and from all walks of life. We would like to continue to broaden our horizon so we can be effective in all we do as a women’s ministry, making this world a better place.

We aim to form a blanket of comfort, hope and assurance to each woman we come in contact with from childhood to adulthood, letting them know in times of hardship, there are brighter days ahead. Also, to be able to help provide stability and structure to one’s life. We want to provide an unbreakable bond of sisterhood and friendship.

As a women’s body, we provide fellowship and monthly meetings to keep the doors of communication open, therefore taking the limit off on how much we can accomplish moving forward.